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Foundation Board Members

Below is a list of current Montana Technological University board members. Montana Technological University is very honored to have the support of the board.


Nick DiGiovine (Chair)
Tom Hohn (Secretary) '74 Petroleum Engineering
Bryan Larson (Vice Chair) '97 Environmental Engineering
Josh Vincent (Treasurer) '97 Environmental Engineering

Board Members — VOTING

Kathy Arnold ’87 Mineral Processing, Computer Science, Mathematics
Dave Burger ’96 Petroleum Engineering
Skye Callantine ’98 Geophysical Engineering
Jon Cherry ’92 Environmental Engineering
Maggie Peterson ’96 Computer Science/BIT
Dr. Jonna Laslovich ’09 Biology
Leo McCarthy
Pat McCarthy ’93 Occupational Safety and Health
Mike McGivern ’89 Occupational Safety and Health
Bob Morris ’84 BS Geophysical Engineering, ’89 MS Engineering Science
Adam Sayers
Rocky Seale ’91 Petroleum Engineering
Bob Shepherd ’82 Petroleum Engineering
Brian Smyth ’07 General Engineering
Stephanie Sorini
Tim Sulser ’99 Petroleum Engineering
Mike Thatcher
Sean Woolverton ’93 Petroleum Engineering

Board Members — NON-VOTING

Les Cook, Chancellor
Steve Gammon, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs/Provost
Dan Trudnowski, Dean, School of Mines and Engineering
Michele Hardy, Dean, College of Letters, Sciences and Professional Studies
Karen VanDaveer, Interim Dean College of Highlands College