Foundation Board Members

The Montana Tech Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Members who are alumni of Montana Tech are indicated with their degree program and graduation year. Board Officers are also indicated with their respective positions. We thank these members for their service in the advancement and development of Montana Tech and the Montana Tech Foundation.

If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at 406-496-4278.


Pat O'Brien (Chair) '73 Petroleum Engineering
Nick Digiovine (Vice Chair)
Sundra Anderson (Secretary) '85 Business & Information Technology
Dan Manson (Treasurer) ’92 B.S. Environmental Engineering

Board Members — VOTING

Kathy Arnold ’87 Mineral Processing, Computer Science, Math
Tom Bandy ’76 Petroleum Engineering
Haley Beaudry ’76 Mining Engineering & Mathematics
Skye Callantine ’98 Geophysical Engineering
Mark Erickson ’83 Petroleum Engineering
Jim Fraser ’75 Petroleum Engineering
Brian Gilman ’93 Environmental Engineering
Bill Henne ’03 Environmental Engineering
Paul Hladky ’99 General Engineering
Tom Hohn ’74 Petroleum Engineering
Eric Jacobsen ’93 Environmental Engineering
Ryan Lance ’84 Petroleum Engineering
Bryan Larson ’97 Engineering Science
Mary Ellen Lutey ’94 Petroleum Engineering
Pat McCarthy ’93 Occupational Safety and Health
Mike McGivern ’89 Occupational Safety and Health
Darrell McKenna ’82 Petroleum Engineering
Adam Sayers
Marty Schuma
Rocky Seale ’91 Petroleum Engineering
Bob Shepherd ’82 Petroleum Engineering
Stephanie Sorini
Tim Sulser ’99 Petroleum Engineering
Mike Thatcher
Ken Tholstom ’68 Petroleum Engineering
Josh Vincent ’97 Environmental Engineering
Sean Woolverton ’93 Petroleum Engineering

Board Members — NON-VOTING

Doug Abbott ’85 Petroleum Engineering
Don Blackketter
Dave Gurchiek
Bev Hartline
Brian Kukay ’99 Environmental Engineering
Dan Trudnowski ’89 Engineering Science
Karen Vandaveer