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Inspiring Stories


“I chose to stay close to home and pursue my education. Montana Tech is a small close-knit, student-oriented campus that is ranked very high in job placement, internships, and starting salaries after graduation. Montana Tech is also highly recognized and nationally ranked. The university offers many scholarships for all majors and you have the opportunity to renew them each year with having a high GPA.

The scholarships I received at Montana Tech have allowed me to focus on my studies and be debt free when I graduate.”

-Kayla Ericson
Molecular Biology
Butte, MT

“I am currently a petroleum engineering student at Montana Tech, and an all-source intelligence analyst for the Montana Army National Guard. In my spare time, I like to be outdoors on a river or lake, riding my mountain bike, or hiking in the mountains.

Receiving the Resenergy Scholarship means that I will have to work less to pay my bills, leaving more time to focus on my studies. I want to thank Resenergy for the opportunity they provided to me, and hope that I will experience their kindness firsthand in the future.”

-SGT. Eugene Rintala
Petroleum Engineering
MT Army National Guard
Butte, MT

“I chose Montana Tech because of the academic prestige and also because I was able to stay near my family. Over the course of my education, scholarship support has allowed me to focus solely on my education because I have not needed to worry about the financial burden of attending college.

I will be graduating debt free and I could not have done so without the generosity and support from donors who continue to support Montana Tech’s students; for that, I am extremely grateful.”

-Alex Thatcher
Petroleum Engineering
Butte, MT

“I am an aspiring engineer receiving a highly valued education from a critically acclaimed engineering university in the heart of my hometown, and I’m doing it for free. I say free because I personally have paid $0 out of pocket, but other generous families, alumni, and companies covered my education.

I do not take scholarships for granted because I know that not many people are fortunate enough to be able to say, 'I graduated college debt free.' Rather, I view scholarships as an investment. I like to believe those donors see opportunity in me, and I am doing my best to give back. I am able to do this because I don’t have to worry about dividing my attention between full-time jobs and school. I can focus on my academic studies, and remain sane. Many college students’ quality of health degrades in some way — physically, mentally, or socially — in order to make it through their classes, jobs, and extracurricular activities. I think the people of the Montana Tech Foundation understand the difficulties of college and try to make the student experience as enjoyable as possible with the aid of funding. I have had a healthy, successful college career, and I really owe it to the Montana Tech Foundation."

-Kelly Benton
Environmental Engineering
Butte, MT