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In December, Montana Tech and the Montana Tech Foundation surpassed the $40 million goal for our campaign, Ordinary Beginnings Extraordinary Lives. Campaigns are incredibly important to advance our campus.

This campaign transformed our campus through the addition of the Natural Resource Research Center and Student Success Center, resulted in $12 million in new scholarships, including $7.6 million in new endowed scholarships, $2 million in investments in our faculty, and $5 million in our programs.

Milestones like this aren't reached without the involvement of a lot of great people united in common purpose. Thanks to all who contributed to this great success!

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Your donation to the Montana Tech Foundation makes a positive impact on the lives of Montana Tech students—today and for generations to come.

The Montana Tech Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization which qualifies under the provisions of IRS code 501(c)(3) and serves as the official development office for Montana Tech. The Foundation is dedicated to operate exclusively for the purpose of encouraging, promoting and supporting the educational programs and scholarly pursuits of Montana Tech.

Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez
"In high school I had the drive and G.P.A. for admission, but not the finances. Take it from a student who knows. Your contribution will help solve the obstacles standing in the way of their future. Montana Tech is the solution for students like me."
Eugene Rintala
Eugene Rintala
"Receiving the Resenergy Scholarship means that I will have to work less to pay my bills, leaving more time to focus on my studies. I want to thank Resenergy for the opportunity they provided to me, and hope that I will experience their kindness firsthand in the future."

Because of Your Support

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Our donors provide more than $1.5 million in student scholarships.
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Without our highly qualified faculty, Tech's reputation - and the value of a Tech degree - would diminish.
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Excellence is ensured and the vibrancy and currency of academic programs is enhanced through donor-provided financial support.