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For specific individuals, please consult our staff directory.

Public education is funded through a public-private partnership. The Montana Technological University Foundation’s efforts augment the support Montana Technological University receives from the State of Montana. Thanks to the generosity of donors, the past few years have seen a tremendous increase in private support.

Montana Tech Foundation

As a donor, you can designate your donation to a wide variety of programs. You may also choose to not designate your donation to a particular program. These unrestricted funds allow the Foundation to channel funds to areas of greatest need and to further enable its efforts to support Montana Tech. One of the Montana Tech Foundation’s roles is to ensure that all donors’ wishes are followed as their donations are utilized. Please make your wishes known when giving to Montana Tech.

As a charitable non-profit, your donation to the Montana Tech Foundation is tax deductible as allowed by law. For your particular situation, we suggest you consult with your tax advisor.

Montana Technological University is recognized as an eligible institution to receive charitable gifts from Canadian citizens and donations are deductible as allowed by law. For your particular situation, we suggest you consult with your tax advisor. For a copy of the letter from Revenue Canada contact the Montana Tech Foundation at 1-406-496-4277.

Your gift will be receipted and acknowledged. In addition, your gift may be recognized from time to time in Foundation and Montana Tech publications. If you do not wish to be publicly recognized, you may choose to give anonymously.

An endowment is a permanent fund established to support Montana Tech The original gift establishing the endowment is not spent. Rather, income from the original gift is used to support the area(s) designated by the donor. The threshold to create an endowment is $25,000 with approximately 4% awarded in earnings annually. If you are interested in establishing an endowment, please contact the Montana Tech Foundation 406-496-4277

Gifts to Montana Tech are most often made by cash, check or credit card through the Foundation office or online. In addition, donors may choose to give gifts of securities, real estate and personal property. Estates and other deferred gifts can also be given. Other types of support include life income gifts, such as annuities and trusts, which the Montana Tech Foundation can work with you to establish.

Please discuss your particular situation with a Montana Tech Foundation gift officer. In general, gifts are not accepted where there is substantial benefit expected in return by the donor. This is known as quid pro quo.

There is a widening gap between what it costs to educate a student and the support Montana Tech receives from the state to accomplish this. Tuition is typically used to make up this difference and has risen regularly and substantially over the years. Your support helps keep the cost of education affordable to as many students as possible and enables Montana Tech to offer programs and conduct research in facilities that make it a leader in undergraduate and graduate education in the Northwest.

The Foundation staff will work with you to establish a scholarship. Things to consider when establishing the scholarship include whether it will be the result of an annual gift or an endowment, the name you wish for the scholarship, whether it will be open or designated to a particular department, and if it will be based on merit, need or both. You will be notified about your scholarship’s recipients and be thanked by them. For more information please contact Shannon Sullivan Panisko at 406-496-4271.

Many companies and foundations will double, or even triple, the value of charitable gifts made by employees and their spouses, board members, and retirees. See if your company has a matching gift policy.