A rich, vibrant campus community and student success are the two goals that drive the Montana Technological University Foundation. We depend on a stable foundation of consistent, yearly donations during the Annual Giving campaign to achieve those goals.

A strong participation rate and substantial annual gifts allow us to continue to support excellence at Montana Technological University by enabling the university to recruit, retain and graduate more students and attract increased private investment.

Potential students evaluate universities in part on their alumni donor participation rate, using that as a gauge of alumni satisfaction. Grants and matching gifts are often available based on percentage of alumni who are supporters and alumni participation is a factor in the national rankings for colleges and universities.

You can help grow Montana Technological University with an annual gift to the Montana Technological University Foundation.

The Montana Technological University Foundation has a number of opportunities throughout the year for you to participate by giving to Montana Technological University.

Annual Giving FAQs

You have the flexibility to designate how your gift is used. While there are numerous ways to participate, most donors choose to support the Impact for Excellence Fund or the Tech Vision Scholarship Fund.

You can expect to receive communications from us asking for your assistance every year. We may write, call or email to ask you for your continued support. Each year we will highlight the university’s achievements that you may have missed in other communications.

If you believe in the mission of Montana Technological University and appreciate the value of the education you received, an annual gift gives you the opportunity to share your success with others. Your donation to the Annual Fund packs impressive philanthropic power toward advancing the quality of the academic experience and student life at Montana Technological University.

Absolutely! Your consistent yearly participation in the Annual Fund is what counts. Many small contributions quickly add up and boost the power of the large donations that we receive. When you donate to the Annual Fund you are also giving us your vote of confidence in the school and our plans for the future.